Topic Of The Day
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Sometimes we set Topic Of The Day. In these days you could draw animated cartoons with specified subject to gain some spiders.

To participate you need draw cartoon that matches the subject and save it. After that press 'More' at right of your toon and select 'Send to contest'. At the popup window you should choose ongoing topic and press 'Apply'.

Please note that your toon must follow the rules.


  • Toon must match the subject of the Topic Of The Day
  • Toon must be drawn not earlier than begining of the day
  • Toon must be at least 10 frames long
  • Frame copying could be used only for background


Every Topic of the Day has prize fund. Usually it is 300 spiders. After end of the topic this spiders divided between all participants rateably with toons likes.

Fair play

Don't try to cheat. Moderator checks every like you got and if there some likes from you (using different accounts) than you can be disqualified and banned at future contests.