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Editor's window
Editor's window


  1. Add new frame after current (hold CTRL to add new frame before current)
  2. Delete frame
  3. Frames
  4. Toon preview
  5. Save toon
  6. Pencil
  7. Eraser
  8. Tool size
  9. Color colour
  10. Frame navigation


  • C - copy frame
  • V - paste frame
  • Z - undo
  • Plus - increase tool size
  • Minus - decrease tool size
  • B - brush (pencil)
  • E - eraser
  • M - enable or disable full color palette
  • P - color picker


By default editor allows to draw in couple of colors only: black and red. It's oldschool mode. If you need more colors you can turn on full color palette by pressing "M" key.


You can undo last stroke (pencil or eraser stroke) by pressing "Z" key. Be carefull, you can't redo canceled stroke.

Frame copy

Please don't copy frames too often. Duplicated frames make your animation "frozen".

If you want to copy frame:

  1. Choose frame that you want to copy
  2. Press C key
  3. Add new frame (or choose existing frame if you want to replace it)
  4. Press V key