Close to me

12/13/2017 05:13
I draw so much dumb stuff that sometimes I forget i can actually draw and animate like this. It sucks that I only ever get the patience to do it when im depressed.This song means a lot to me because my mum always played for me as a kid, i have bad memory but hearing this brings back many of them. I dont really kniw what to say other than im not feeling great, im just going to go before i start crying like a bitch, i got this far without crying. songs just a big mood, ''I wish I'd stayed asleep today'' so i didnt have to deal with all i did today.
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_MARFI 12/13/2017 14:38
my love musuc
Juceila1 12/13/2017 14:10
How do you add Music To A Toon Can i Get a Answer Pl z::?
RANDOMGIRL4 12/13/2017 12:54
I like this! Nice song choice, to!
Galiz 12/13/2017 12:34
Comment deleted
Galiz 12/13/2017 12:31
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Dodobroking11 12/13/2017 12:03
after years
an good animation to go with music
songbird121 12/13/2017 08:53
Dont worry, I'm depressed too. Constantly bullied, tormented by my siblings, emotianally torn. I understand the feelings you explained in your description. I have a sleep problem, and dont really sleep. Like at all. Your drawings and animations are amazing.
MagicalPotato 12/13/2017 07:24
DapperVoxlyy 12/13/2017 07:20
susimi, you know I'm asking myself this too
this happens whenever I post vents
people like to vent about their shit too like I asked
susimi 12/13/2017 07:19
*blink blink* w u t just happened in the comments--