Close to me

12/13/2017 05:13
I draw so much dumb stuff that sometimes I forget i can actually draw and animate like this. It sucks that I only ever get the patience to do it when im depressed.This song means a lot to me because my mum always played for me as a kid, i have bad memory but hearing this brings back many of them. I dont really kniw what to say other than im not feeling great, im just going to go before i start crying like a bitch, i got this far without crying. songs just a big mood, ''I wish I'd stayed asleep today'' so i didnt have to deal with all i did today.
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verkin 12/26/2017 09:18
what the– the song is really nostlagic... is it the 80's band, "The Cure"? ive been listening to them hh
Cursed_Casino 12/23/2017 08:55
Totoro6666 12/20/2017 15:06
you should do the whole song
Zoelie 12/14/2017 22:41
i love this
ZarahTheArtist 12/14/2017 19:19
eh ive cut recently and this tbh helps a shit ton and motovates me a little for once :3 thanks. ill throw away the rope for now
zombie524 12/14/2017 13:33
So Good)
_billy 12/13/2017 20:49
-Minti- 12/13/2017 17:29
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0-09- 12/13/2017 17:07
Oh no ok I have no supportive words to say but just know that most people who see you sad want to say something but people just hold back for fear of saying the wrong thing but we really do care about you
MagicalPotato 12/13/2017 15:27
Galiz soooo supportive