Meow? - Contest Entry :)

10/29/2020 14:57
Bruh wtf was this pallet LMAOAOA the colors clash sm, glad for the challenge tho
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Tropical_Sipss 11/01/2020 18:45
VoidWatcher, alrighty ty
VoidWatcher 11/01/2020 18:08
Tropical_Sipss, you choose the gp when you are ready
Tropical_Sipss 10/31/2020 20:39
VoidWatcher, o wow ^^ ty!!
VoidWatcher 10/31/2020 19:16
Third place, nice work!
Serulii 10/30/2020 00:03
Tropical_Sipss, WHAAA OMG Q-Q i love your art too?!?! i'm so happy that you like my art aaaaaAAA
SkylertheOutlaw 10/29/2020 20:48
You knocked this out of the park!
Tropical_Sipss 10/29/2020 19:06
Serulii, Thank you so much!! You’re a big inspiration for me and I really admire your art!!
Serulii 10/29/2020 18:30
love how you used the colors :))
Tropical_Sipss 10/29/2020 16:04
Puppet-Master, mmm i would say an 30 min-hour lol not too long.. also tysm!! I'm sure you'll improve over time so keep drawing :D
Puppet-Master 10/29/2020 15:58
This looks like it took forever
good job
way better than what i can do