12/24/2018 13:29
I have no motivation or inspiration whatsoever, just two days ago I was a drawing machine and I made 6 or something animations in a day, but today I don't even wanna look at my tablet TT
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inikyuu 12/24/2018 13:37
Grimmm, hmm, I will try, thanks ;W;
inikyuu 12/24/2018 13:37
juddy2008, thanks for the help ^^
Grimmm 12/24/2018 13:32
that's burnout induced artblock babey!!!
Try to force something down on paper, even if it's just a little scribble. You'll get back to speed eventually
juddy2008 12/24/2018 13:32
insparation? : music, vines, random animations
motivation? : rest.
thats all i can help with :'3