10/16/2019 09:32
A lost island where unheard fruits, vegetables and plants grow wild and where ice rains in the summer. Enjoy your vacation. // Holy damn drawing is impossible when it's this laggy.
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Kotsuko 06/12/2020 16:32
DeSpAcItUs, Haha thanks !
DeSpAcItUs 06/12/2020 07:06
_StarMoonlight_ 03/26/2020 17:15
Kotsuko 03/21/2020 17:44
_StarMoonlight_ 03/03/2020 15:44
Amorthlen 01/22/2020 14:28
Kotsuko, REEEEEEEEE >.< Bruh! Your lineart and blending are just YES I need THAT in my life
Kotsuko 01/06/2020 21:18
Amorthlen, shIbdhhajNiNkNJJHjninN Amor U r god like at colouring and I NEED that

jahvontai123, thank you so much hahaha
Amorthlen 01/03/2020 13:22
It's been such a long time since I've been on. And I checked your profile and saw this AMAZING drawing. Your drawings are becoming god like. <3
jahvontai123 12/05/2019 15:54
Kotsuko 11/04/2019 17:10
PandO5, sdfvhsdfujsfr tYYYy