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01/20/2018 14:17
NAME: sarah AGE: 12 Height: 5ft 9 1/2 sexuality: bi likes: everything that had to do with fall out boy, my chemical romance, panic!at the disco, and twenty one pilots. drawing, singing and volleyball. dogs, cats, birds, nice people, and uhh yeah. dislikes: conversations with unknown people cause i get really anxious. spammers. when people are sad. when toonator glitches. most ice cream.
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kentashu 09/19/2019 16:32
Serulii, OMG THANKS uwu im almost 14 btw. decided to go back to my old drawings. OwO

ps. im 6 foot now
Serulii 09/15/2019 23:19
!! YOU'RE ONLY 12?? wow!! keep drawing omg!!
i'm also just going to ignore the fact that you're 5'9.5" likE EXCUSE ME DID YOU GET THE TALL GENES >:0 DANG GIRL
kentashu 01/20/2018 15:21
TheDementedSheep 01/20/2018 14:58
I might do this later