02/13/2020 21:47
yo, don't worry, i'm actually doing entirlly fine. this is dramaticiced a lot. don't come asking in the comments if i'm ok, i am. don't worry. my crush just likes another girl, it's fine, she's going to confess to her crush tomorrow, so i'll know if i have a chance. even then, i won't confess for a while though, it migth upsett her after not having her feelings reciprecated, or she might be dating her crush, i don't know. either way, i'm entirely ok, don't go telling me "i hope your ok", or "feel better", because i'm fine. this is just what popped into my head when i saw he prompt, is all. well, g'night!
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leaf-pool 02/16/2020 16:16
_StarMoonlight_, yeah, no, it's actually fine. thanks tho!
_StarMoonlight_ 02/15/2020 14:50
awww, i really like this. It's still really sad tho :'D