Sunset selfies?!?!

06/19/2022 05:57
What is a Sunset Selfie? its where I draw your character, and my character taking a selfie!
When my summer is over, I'll upload the compilation of drawings on my youtube!

I wont make you a drawing wihout your permission first, so ask me or i'll ask you eventually!

Im only drawing my friends/pals/cool people,

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SunsetPanther 06/21/2022 07:49
SkylertheOutlaw, I have no idea what you said but your hired >:D!
SkylertheOutlaw 06/20/2022 18:58
SunsetPanther, OVERRATED! and frankly theres too much of it.. nitrogen makes u sound like a backup singer to alvin and the chipmunks and i appreciate that
NinjaCat908 06/20/2022 12:07
SunsetPanther, will do (no need to put smwhere else ill check it on yt later on hehe)
SunsetPanther 06/20/2022 11:19
NinjaCat908, i can upload the examples somewhere else if your still having trouble viewing it, and yes a ref photo of your character would help out a lot ;')

pm it to me if you can
NinjaCat908 06/20/2022 09:39
do you need a reference photo? also i cant view deviantart (it's blocked) :') but ill find a way
SunsetPanther 06/20/2022 05:22
SkylertheOutlaw, yes but we need to know eachother at least first :'))))

but wait hold on,

if you answer this question qorrrectly,
we can be best pals for life

How do you feel about oxegyn?...oxogyn...oxygen....
SkylertheOutlaw 06/19/2022 19:22
wait so i just ask? this is so cool id love to partake
xxKENNYxx 06/19/2022 07:02
damn okay
SunsetPanther 06/19/2022 05:58
I wanted to redo my last post about it cause it was real bulky, and I got tired of commenting examples xD