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12/03/2018 10:56
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SpiritWolfie 12/05/2018 14:20
matchlogen777, I know qwq
matchlogen777 12/05/2018 14:19
aw chill dudes its not about fame as zefuro said your friend can still have fun making toons and enjoy getting better at it likes and comments are just side effects of this
SpiritWolfie 12/05/2018 14:16
zefuro, I wasn’t telling I was asking why, I feel like it’s not really worth it. I understand your opinion and honestly I wasn’t trying to start any drama, I just feel like there are so many underrated people on here
zefuro 12/05/2018 14:14
SpiritWolfie, If they are drawing in order to get attention, then they are better off not drawing at all. You are speaking as if we are ONLY supposed to like the contents made by people who works hard. Personally i never drew to gain attention or fame, i just drew because i felt like it. Nothing could justify a good art, whether its hard worked or not. It's up to the audience to like it or dislike it. Complaining about people's success might get you the unwanted attention. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. So please stop telling people what to like and what not to.
zefuro 12/05/2018 14:09
with that being said, i would worship this art for the 28th time today
SpiritWolfie 12/05/2018 14:09
zefuro, no I’m being serious! It isn’t fair on people who actually want the attention by working hard and then people who are still improving and didn’t mean to get attention get it? Like yeah I’m sorry I do sound rude WolfHats but seriously
zefuro 12/05/2018 14:07
SpiritWolfie, bro shut the fuck up okay? By comparing people by their fame you are ruining the reputation of yourself and your friend, apologize to WolfHats right now.
WolfHats 12/05/2018 13:55
SpiritWolfie, thank you, tbh i did not expect this
SpiritWolfie 12/05/2018 13:54
WolfHats, yeah ik it’s not rlly your fault
WolfHats 12/05/2018 13:54
i agree that there is better out there but like i did this with a keypad for fun i did not expect it to get any notice