05/20/2019 17:25
i get it, you guys are still learning and growing, youre just kids- but if someones just going batshit crazy for the attention just walk away. im a behavioralist and people nowadays tend to 'reward' negative behavior with attention, so if we redirect our attention away from the negitivity or negative person, its likely to stop very soon. especially if the person is younger and/or turning a blind eye to the majority, the 'normality', and throwing out wack statements that get someone angry, sad or both. I dont expect you to be adults, but just be aware of what power youre giving to someone else who clearly wants it.


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Elle5 05/23/2019 15:36
zefuro, c hOKES
takashisenpai18 05/21/2019 17:05
Cashew_Studios, whoops wrong account...
Cashew_Studios 05/21/2019 17:05
yoshihomo, WHeEzE**---
yoshihomo 05/21/2019 16:52
takashisenpai18, bloddymuffin
that entire account
takashisenpai18 05/21/2019 16:31
wow, I wonder what happened in order for this to be created. ..

Is everything ok?
chy 05/21/2019 16:25
zefuro, do I smell the history of the entire world I guess
firehorsegirl 05/21/2019 16:14
zefuro, lets not
zefuro 05/21/2019 16:14
or join them... can make a religion out of this!
Pasterupastel 05/21/2019 15:51
honestly true
SeveralGiraffes 05/21/2019 15:47
Very true