Stickman animation tips (DESC)

10/04/2019 06:46
So hello, i will share some tips for new stickman animators. i havent been active cause i moved to drawn. alright 1 you must understand how they move, you can just draw the figure in the same stance over and over but moving its position little by little. you must understand how they move. Just like how a real person would walk, interact, and run. 2 Stickmen dont have necks. im not saying that a stickman is incorrect but it is a something a new user would do, and it just in my opinion doesnt look right. 3 make sure in you're frames you're character doesnt look wobbly, make sure that each frame is nice and tidy. 4 this is almost the same as 1 but you also have to understand physics, and gravity how they interact with the enviroment and you're stick figure. 5 Time and dedication makes good, you cant be perfect and sure im not the greatest but atleast my animations are decent spend time and ask for tips, Keep on animating!
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Ansonlin360 10/04/2019 06:46
I was totally not procrastinating school work to make this cause i was bored or something....