Motion Practice (Sightless & Yuki)

06/01/2017 01:55
Lol. It's at times like these that I can appreciate the role of being Archaeologist. It won't come out in color. And I can practice motion without having to make it look good. *w* And for those of you who don't know... It's me.... Fate.... Terrible_Fate. *snorts* Hi.
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BitterMars 10/18/2017 06:13
mjee01 Same. It was one of my favs T_T
mjee01 06/07/2017 18:20
this is great
but im so sad that sightless x mouthless is dead
TheNewsDirector 06/01/2017 02:03
For future reference.... Only the Fate that is Terrible can repost this. Aka, I plan on polishing this. Maybe. Lol.
AelanDraw 06/01/2017 02:00
TheNewsDirector 06/01/2017 01:59
AelanDraw, *whispers* I don't care-
AelanDraw 06/01/2017 01:59
boss- uh the studio thing is dead now