Let's all take a moment

09/26/2019 17:49
and remember this dude. He's so underrated and I have yet to see fanart of him.
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SlmBenDeniz 04/30/2020 15:16
Mcflurrydog 02/04/2020 18:42
YOU IZ GWOUNDED FOWEVER SUHN (god, i love the new movie that came out for invader zim this year.)
hey, btw do you have discord?
TaketheL 10/19/2019 22:09
Ok kids hewes youw puddin' *pudding noises*
AirDragon23 09/26/2019 18:11
You'd probably be better than Membrane UwU
He pretty much ignores his kids while Clembrane actually cares about them
But hey, it's your fanfic/imagination that you come up with, so I'm not going to argue.
EmotionLess 09/26/2019 18:08
dib and the other girl needs both parents >:0 i could be that second parent -casually ignores clembrane's existance-
AirDragon23 09/26/2019 18:08
Good luck eating poorly made pudding everyday.
gafgot 09/26/2019 18:01
AirDragon23, i would have him as my only father
AirDragon23 09/26/2019 17:59
*laughs* I wouldn't date him at all, but I would totally have him as my second father.
gafgot 09/26/2019 17:57
EmotionLess 09/26/2019 17:56
AirDragon23, i m ean - if i couldn't date membrane then he would definitely be my second choice -T h u m b s u p-