It sucks

02/12/2020 19:30
It sucks when your boyfriend that you have been dating for almost a year decides to break up with you two days before Valentines day because he states that "I'm to quiet, to anti-social, to nice to other people.". It sucks that he didn't even have the courage to come up and say it, it sucks that his best friend had to come up to me, my house, at like 8 o'clock to personaly tell me that my boyfriend didn't want to date anymore. It sucks that I'm crying for him, it sucks that I want to go back to my bad habits, the ones that he broke me out of. It sucks that I have no shoulder to cry on. It sucks that I'm tellin' random online people that couldn't even care. It sucks, today sucks, everything just sucks. love sucks.
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TheRealAaronBurr 02/16/2020 19:49
Anybody who dates someone for that long and doesn't even have the guts to talk to break up with them face to face isn't good enough for you- you're kind, smart and super talented. He never deserved such a beautiful person, and he doesn't deserve you now. I'm so sorry he hurt you like that, and I hope you're doing OK. I know we don't know each other very well, but if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here for you. <3
-__-__-__-__-__- 02/15/2020 06:24
if he doesn't want you at your worst he doesn't deserve you at your best

ik that has nothing to do with anything but i like.. cant comfort people-
DeadRoses 02/14/2020 14:45
i cant say nothing about it now cuz i know that u want forget it
im here ok? I always say that
and if u want talk about it 2 me,please,talk
im here
ilysm <33
Billysilly 02/14/2020 05:54
cry on my shoulder today im lonely too
please ill help you
dont be sad
my child
Wisoga74 02/14/2020 05:37
i feel the same, i had a bf that i dated for 2 years, and last year he broke up with me on this day, it did suck...i get ur emotions, its never fun to go trough that
SpiritWolfie 02/13/2020 15:04
you deserve better than that guy anyway! Honestly, you deserve the world and not some chicken shit guy who can't even confront you about how he feels and instead uses his best friend to dump you.
VoidWatcher 02/13/2020 10:00
this is ....ouch...
Hashy_boi 02/13/2020 08:25
SuruSuruWo, Its okay bro, I'll just have to see how it goes
gueswhatimafurry, Thank you, and I will make sure!
SuruSuruWo 02/12/2020 22:09
oh fuck bro im so sorry to hear that. Seriously nobody should have this happen to them. Shit..
gueswhatimafurry 02/12/2020 19:33
it most definatly sucks but if hes to chicken to tell you himself, he dosen't deserve you! you deserve the best! some one who will stand by you no mater what, who will always be there when you need them. some one who will never abandon you. they are out there, don't give up. also, if he broke up with you before valentines day, he probably wanted somebody else to be his valentine. if he trys to beg you to have him back, don't. let him suffer, he deserves it