Fireworks Part 2

03/10/2020 19:39
My fireworks toon felt a bit empty so here's something to go along with it. Also, all the frames are different so why not I just put this in the contest? tulp!


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HrvatskanTulp77 03/18/2020 15:25
foxtrotfoxy, Good, you have *consumed*.
foxtrotfoxy 03/18/2020 15:19
HrvatskanTulp77 03/11/2020 18:20
*consumes animation and notification*
-Human_Person- 03/11/2020 17:32
Consumed the animation, now you get a notification!
TulpTulp77 03/11/2020 17:04
*consumes the animation*
*comments to notify you that I consumed the animation*
HrvatskanTulp77 03/11/2020 08:17
-Human_Person-, yes, consume it.
-Human_Person- 03/10/2020 19:45
consume the animation