lazy bird thingy

04/17/2018 05:39
did this in 4 hours or smth., haven't animated in a while now...i guess
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zimniy-veterok 04/23/2018 05:19
AnnikatheLlama 04/19/2018 19:04
2_Dog_Mittel_2, ty!
@warriors_amino22, actually, 500 spooders not 300 then you could go to your toons via multator, then tap the mic button so you can put a song into it
MLGMonkey, ooh, good thing you know that button already!
it actually took me about a year before i found out you could use -/+ for brushes
MLGMonkey 04/19/2018 18:55
allso i just zoomed in rly far onto an anime toon im making and i zoomd out and i got a circle that fills tha whol page so if u zoom in and soom out you can make bigger circles!
MLGMonkey 04/19/2018 18:54
300 speders and u can choos a song
Warriors_Animo22 04/19/2018 18:40
how do you get the music in the background?! I just started! Im very confuzzled
2_Dog_Mittel_2 04/19/2018 09:40
good! very good!
AnnikatheLlama 04/18/2018 20:56
-RoadKill, ...and ty??
AnnikatheLlama 04/18/2018 20:56
-RoadKill, oh okay
what was it about? nsfw in gp or something?
-RoadKill 04/18/2018 20:34
AnnikatheLlama, lies
This is very amazing
And 5OUL put it in to stop an argument xd)
AnnikatheLlama 04/18/2018 20:32
wait who the flip put this in gp this isn't even a good animation