Fun Facts about The B-Day Madness Part 6!

01/08/2020 11:40
FACTS- 1 - This is the first part of The B-Day Madness after Part 2 where Andy doesn't have a scar! Hope it wasn't infected... 2 - Andy still uses the phone his dad gave him in Part 1, and it makes several appearences not just in The B-Day Madness! 3 - Andy's phone is an Iphone. It's an Iphone 10, because he got it back in early 2019. He has talked about trading it in for an Iphone 11, but he insists on waiting until the Iphone 12 comes out so he can get that. 4 - Part 6 will NOT be the last part in this series. 5 - Andy's dad may NOT be this part's villain. 6 - I will release it on January 25, 2020, or as of right now, in 16 days!
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