08/23/2018 15:44
im sorry disaster.. can you make it so you land on soul? btw she was reading a recipe book.



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SnowyClawy 08/25/2018 05:59
Awkward__Artist 08/24/2018 09:49
SnowyClawy, You already have quite a few people to wait on.
DaleksOfSkaro 08/24/2018 06:51
Jinxxus, the reason it's being, semi-limited, is because we dont want people to say they are adding on, and not completing their part, and wasting people's time. Im not planning on joining, because im not even sure i would be able to do it/be creative enough to do it
DaleksOfSkaro 08/24/2018 06:48
Jinxxus, Well, just passer level animators, like rn the latest part is from Awkward__Artist who is known as being a passer level animator BUT WONT APPLY -.-
Jinxxus 08/24/2018 03:54
i wish i could join but i believe this is for passers and animators... and im neither.
SnowyClawy 08/24/2018 02:13
can i join this collab? i can try to make something rlly good :D
Awkward__Artist 08/24/2018 02:01
massacrethedemon 08/24/2018 01:53
massacrethedemon 08/23/2018 23:58
5OUL, i hope disasters dragon landed on you oof
massacrethedemon 08/23/2018 23:55
_Disaster_, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that wasn't me - that was glitch my oc, but i might add again with my sona so look forward to that i guess