boku no hero

09/18/2020 06:49
does anyone have any ideas for a cool scene for me to make or not
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BEVERLY_HILLS 09/18/2020 12:37
BEVERLY_HILLS, its a little black monster toon uses as his oc
BEVERLY_HILLS 09/18/2020 12:37
BEVERLY_HILLS, also wrong one ;-;
BEVERLY_HILLS 09/18/2020 12:37
BEVERLY_HILLS 09/18/2020 12:36
ddiarra 09/18/2020 12:31
RowanDarling470, What is the ¨little black toonator monster¨?
ddiarra 09/18/2020 12:30
Damiyuta, You could re-animate the Zelda CDI games, and then release it to both Toonator and YouTube(The YouTube version will have the original audio composited onto the animation)
ddiarra 09/18/2020 12:28
BEVERLY_HILLS, You could watch the animation and make your own version of it. (make it funnier, by all means, and make it look 3d, like the original.
BEVERLY_HILLS 09/18/2020 12:01
ddiarra, interesting
ddiarra 09/18/2020 11:55
There´s a pixar animation from the 80s called ¨The Adventures Of Andre And Wally B¨, and you could use that for your next animation. (It´s on YouTube. You could study it and try to make a 2D version of it.)
bagelqwq 09/18/2020 11:37
to the hospital bed you go deku