join my new discord server

01/07/2019 01:26
i deleted the old one and rebooted it so if you were in it and want in the new one and plan on being active here's the link:
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Nedahertt 01/08/2019 13:14
MuskyHusky, ah ok thats actually great to know

also thank u b
MuskyHusky 01/08/2019 13:13
Nedahertt, the only people i hate know damn well that i hate them lmao
Nedahertt 01/08/2019 13:12
MuskyHusky, just making sure you dont secretly hate me gfndkg
MuskyHusky 01/08/2019 13:11
Nedahertt, dunno why you wouldn't be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nedahertt 01/08/2019 13:10
am i,,, allowed in ?
MuskyHusky 01/08/2019 13:09
Unpopular, oh shit i thought i used a permanent url

hang on;
Unpopular 01/08/2019 13:04
link expired :'^[
DustShine 01/07/2019 01:34
*y e e t s i n t o t h e r e*
bitchcraft 01/07/2019 01:32
MuskyHusky, i was curious
thats the only reason i commented
MuskyHusky 01/07/2019 01:30
SparksOfFire, yeah you are Entirely god damn right you would be because I literally cannot stand you

I have asked you Four Times not to interact with me this should be obvious dodo

Stop. Switching. Accounts.