02/24/2019 00:11
Here's a little tutorial on how to draw hair. Longer hair in general. Sorry for my messy handwriting, writing with a trackpad is such a pain. If i missed anything or if anything is unclear then feel free to ask anything. Also, this isn't the only way to draw hair, these are just tips and tricks I found helpful with drawing hair in my experience, but there's other ways to draw hair too! I hope these are helpful to you and I hope you like it! uwu <333
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Toonimator_666 11/16/2019 06:49
i dont even use this for hair, i use it for tails n stuff. awesome tutorial for people who are skilled enough to draw hair like that tho!
Cyanocitta 10/09/2019 23:24
j o j o s i w a
RainbowDood 08/13/2019 14:49
JoJo Siwa ( ° ʖ °)
toonimator_101 08/06/2019 06:09
TarynStar, Um.. Why did I post that comment of it says how to hair again? O_O

I think I meant without the ':' lol
TarynStar 06/06/2019 16:27
toonimator_101, it does day how to hair
toonimator_101 06/06/2019 08:45
At first I thought it said ''How To Hair'' XD
Redotic 05/10/2019 05:11
>< ♥
Mew-Chan 05/09/2019 01:49
zefuro 04/13/2019 04:14
can use the same technique for the ones down there?
_cuddles_ 03/21/2019 19:20
holy shit ;-; i suck