06/04/2019 05:17
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LignumAnimations 03/16/2020 02:01
this is a great use and example of motion, debris, perspective, and speed. There are some mistakes like in some frames the character has no head but overall it is epic and well done
anitoonator 07/27/2019 04:14
I Wish I Had Passer....
I Mean I Joined With Facebook
citsym 06/08/2019 22:31
Inteligense 06/07/2019 12:28
This is one of the greatest animations ever
SeveralGiraffes 06/04/2019 16:44
Lots and lots of power right there
Mr_Blue0 06/04/2019 08:56
ElfKing 06/04/2019 06:54
I personnaly think this is cool. :)