02/08/2021 16:33
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CMYK 07/21/2021 07:03
no0b 02/09/2021 19:15
DogoDrawer, there is a google extension called toonator afterlife that lets u animate on toonator using html5
crabappels 02/09/2021 16:02
You use the crome extion this guy tim made its html 5 thats how you animate JayTheArtist.
JayTheArtist 02/09/2021 15:34
JayTheArtist 02/09/2021 15:34
He was just wondering how do you animate on toonator? I used to be able to but now it just says flash no longer supported
ahallinan 02/09/2021 13:52
Who will win bed mattress or stickmin? (Why you hurt mattresses?????)
bububooo 02/09/2021 11:35
that's better
bububooo 02/09/2021 11:34
breh i need a new pfp i look so meaan
bububooo 02/09/2021 11:34
crabappels 02/09/2021 11:15