03/14/2019 00:25
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BendyandShaymin 03/17/2019 06:15
Dodobroking11, they rejected me lol so your theory is wrong xd
Ghast505 03/14/2019 21:51
__FusH__, yeah, it's because you can only sign up once with facebook and they dont want spam. i managed to find the wiki
Ghast505 03/14/2019 21:17
Dodobroking11, i feel like you could've put that differently as to not insult me :/
Ghast505 03/14/2019 21:17
BendyandShaymin, pshf, yeah i got it from the wiki; someone who is a passer is a passer because it doesnt want spam. besides, i only did these for my profile picture, i can actually animate i swear XD
Dodobroking11 03/14/2019 13:55
Slotho, signing up with facebook gives you passer
passer doesnt = your good at animation
toonator is shit and will give passer to any shit aninmation
TuIpTuIp77 03/14/2019 10:55
__FusH__ 03/14/2019 09:26
Ghast505, Slotho, Signing up with facebook makes you passer for some reason
BendyandShaymin 03/14/2019 04:30
Slotho, this is a facebook passer, a person who gets passer at the beginning. You need to up your game. or you will get demoted
Slotho 03/14/2019 00:50
Ghast505 03/14/2019 00:49
Slotho, no, sorry, never heard of them. i do rp tho XD