It's okay

01/01/2020 07:49
THEY'RE BACK!! If you've been on toonator for a while and have seen some of my older toons, you might recognize these two. i just thought that they were super precious and others thought so too. Therefore I decided to bring them back. <3
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JourneyToDrawiii 01/01/2020 09:15
B1uMoonGirl, Thank you <3
B1uMoonGirl 01/01/2020 09:10
<3 adorable
JourneyToDrawiii 01/01/2020 07:54
JourneyToDrawiii 01/01/2020 07:54
By the way for anyone who's wondering, these lovely ladies are Becky (the red one) and Stacy (the black one), their names were chosen by someone other than me. I couldn't think of any names at the time. XD
-__-__-__-__-__- 01/01/2020 07:51
awwww this is cute, its just.. i dont remember them :c