Good Times

09/18/2018 18:40
Just bros chilling and chatting, before all the mental and physical abuse from Wilson and the underwater lab explosion
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RobloxianCats 11/17/2018 22:28
Two bros,
chilling and chatting,
before all the metnal and physical abuse because they're not gay
Kotsuko 10/25/2018 16:26
NinaTheSkeleton_ 09/26/2018 16:46
papyrus_is_bae22 09/20/2018 13:44
byigevwhcqpebfaudnli my children
-AshFlame- 09/18/2018 18:49
RoseFlame, aa,, i feel you on that one. i love outlining but it makes my drawings worse whfhs

even if you dont like it, i still think it looks really neat !!
RoseFlame 09/18/2018 18:45
-AshFlame-, For me outlining always ruins the drawing

But at the same time it makes it better in some way

Idk i'm not really proud of this one
-AshFlame- 09/18/2018 18:44
RoseFlame, aa np,,

why disagree it looks great :0
RoseFlame 09/18/2018 18:43
-AshFlame-, Thank ye

But I disagree
-AshFlame- 09/18/2018 18:42
This looks really good,,,
RoseFlame 09/18/2018 18:41
Preview sucks as always