I'm back!

06/19/2018 16:06
HEY! I'm not dead! :-D (well I did just have final exams so I'm kind of dead.) Sorry I have been away for a while and the reason for that is... exams, basically. It's kind of hard to animate when you're under that much pressure and stress and a lot is expected from you during that time... But now that I've FINALLY finished, I should be able to make more toons from now on, so please don't give up on me yet. Thanks x
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sadason 06/20/2018 16:53
Elle5 06/19/2018 19:33
hey their cutie !!
The_Deadly_Bunny 06/19/2018 17:47
ǫḩ bơẏ
DapperVoxlyy 06/19/2018 16:19
hey dude!!!!!!!!
DaleksOfSkaro 06/19/2018 16:13
I only just earlier realized toon was back. am happy now.