i am a majestic flying bird

05/20/2020 18:52
soaring through the sky
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vangle 05/20/2020 20:38
Sorry for so many comments, but it is that this is a poetry inspired by the Bible and I am spreading everywhere so that the word of Almighty God is heard from heaven and earth, so listen to what I tell you, do not let yourself Saw for evil feelings, Be like a bird, it is always happy to fly, because the wind is on its side.
vangle 05/20/2020 20:36
Ok too much inspiration you really are good animating
vangle 05/20/2020 20:34
Because even if life goes very badly, you can always fly live.

Fly bird, fly

You know me and I know you, because your majesty calls me

~ Fly Bird, Fly ~

The majesty is you; because you are my life
Know me as the unpleasant person that I am, for having locked innocent chicks in my cage.

Fly Bird, Fly!!!!

Enjoy as long as monsters called humans don't lock you up.
_StarMoonlight_ 05/20/2020 20:31
wait actually

_StarMoonlight_ 05/20/2020 20:31
i love this
vangle 05/20/2020 20:30
Fly my majestic bird, Fly
vangle 05/20/2020 20:29
Fly bird, fly and be free;

Fly whenever you want, stretch your wings to be happy,
BendyandShaymin 05/20/2020 20:03
s h o o t i t d o w n
NinjaCat908 05/20/2020 19:43
soaring thru the sky, with teh birds (and probably bonking into all of them lol)
kevz 05/20/2020 18:55
very majestic