07/23/2020 06:53
why does it look good in the editor but so bad when you publish it- It's not fair https://gyazo.com/79919a6f81c92b63e52e1d3ba6096444
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halloweencat 08/28/2020 01:02
sashabraus101, Thanks!
sashabraus101 08/27/2020 17:23
halloweencat, oh well..makes sense. Still really good drawings.
halloweencat 08/21/2020 11:20
sashabraus101, Well I was only 15 at that time lol
sashabraus101 08/19/2020 17:33
your content was very different in 2016
_StarMoonlight_ 07/23/2020 10:33
wdymm, it looks amazinggg
DaleksOfSkaro 07/23/2020 07:08
halloweencat, well drawing them from scratch is really helping, over the last few months ive been hell bent on improving what i can do, and i still suck at shading lmao
halloweencat 07/23/2020 07:07
and animations !
halloweencat 07/23/2020 07:07
DaleksOfSkaro, your drawings do look really clean
its cool
DaleksOfSkaro 07/23/2020 07:06
halloweencat, genuinely a mood, but i really prefer my drawings to be cleaned as much as i can, at least until i get back into the swing of things. I've been trying to keep my stuff clean for my latest drawings or animations
halloweencat 07/23/2020 07:02
DaleksOfSkaro, msiefhgru too lazy and I like sketchy
idk how to explain it