04/26/2017 03:16
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hell-o-softie 04/26/2017 03:37
MayumiReizee, oOOohh ok qoq;; thanks omg
MayumiReizee 04/26/2017 03:36
hell-o-softie, passer is a high rank
if your passer your toons will be show in oldschool, if it has colors it will be shown in colorfull
but if you want to be passer you need to make 3 or maybe more toons with out copying and pasting and you need to spend alot of time on it :'OO
also welcome!!
hell-o-softie 04/26/2017 03:34
missmemahafiz, MayumiReizee, sfdsfsn thank and ah?? passer?? q0q;; im new to toonator so im at a loss for what that is
MayumiReizee 04/26/2017 03:19
oohh i like this! :o
missmemahafiz 04/26/2017 03:17
aren't u a passer??