i miss going to school face to face so much

02/23/2021 20:58
i just love the dramas and the thrill of whatever bullshit they're gonna cry about and just watching them is so entertaining T_T T_T
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poxem 02/24/2021 08:46
DeSpAcitWo, Zatch, oh shit same
DeSpAcitWo 02/24/2021 06:52
I agree, at home it's impossible for me to find separate environments for work and rest, even then I still don't feel like doing work or paying attention to classes. I tried taking notes but stopped after the first two weeks. At face to face it's just a lot easier to pay attention and take notes, but it sukcs that I can't speak up so it's always akward when I get called on.
Zatch 02/23/2021 21:31
poxem, I have no self control I like being able to finish my work but I hate just being able to not do my work with out immediate repercussions
poxem 02/23/2021 21:23
Zatch, yeah i miss getting caught cheating and get embarrassed infront of the whole class lma o
Zatch 02/23/2021 21:21
me too, i miss hanging out, i miss having a teacher actually check that im doing the work in class instead of not being able to know that i tabbed out because i can't help but NOT do the work