02/17/2019 15:51
just comment a reference! i cant draw animals though sorry. ill try to do a few
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ImmaJerk 02/17/2019 20:35
Closest I got to a reference because he's been redesigned too many times
ImmaJerk 02/17/2019 20:35
Heavy breathing-
Shadowstream 02/17/2019 18:18 :)
chy 02/17/2019 16:49
ok I have to go but ill get to the other requests when I can! and of course if anyone still wants to add a request they can
canadian-leaf205 02/17/2019 16:17
ignore the cat form--
Zatch 02/17/2019 16:16
Mirial 02/17/2019 16:13

capp 02/17/2019 16:04
any one of these if thats ok :))
sah_dude 02/17/2019 15:55
the one on the lower right corner in black and white is fine