02/17/2019 15:51
just comment a reference! i cant draw animals though sorry. ill try to do a few
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chy 02/20/2019 18:16
boyseatbugs 02/17/2019 22:06
chy, ??? uno reverse card????
chy 02/17/2019 22:05
boyseatbugs, ajuyfd stop it u
btw I love your art
boyseatbugs 02/17/2019 22:02
chy, you're a whole legend what r u saying
chy 02/17/2019 22:00
boyseatbugs, aw youre so nice <3
but im no legend
boyseatbugs 02/17/2019 21:54
chy, omg legend do it whenever ily ur so incredible
chy 02/17/2019 21:47
boyseatbugs, oof I gtg to bed but ill try to draw that when I have time!! though it may take a while since the weekend is over
boyseatbugs 02/17/2019 21:45
chy 02/17/2019 21:43
chy 02/17/2019 21:42