02/02/2019 02:52
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imtherealhine 08/09/2019 00:05
SpiritWolfie, im sorry
BendyandShaymin 02/02/2019 22:58
imtherealhine, Advertising is against the rules, if you keep this up you will be unknown animal, not able to post toons and/or get a perm ban. It isn't nice to just be boastful and post this toon on other's constructions.
imtherealhine 02/02/2019 19:12
thanatophobia, like your profile pic
thanatophobia 02/02/2019 19:01
please stop advertising on toons
it's against the rules
canadian-leaf205 02/02/2019 17:49
imtherealhine, agrre to disagree, nobody likes a cocky person. and also if you want to make it on toon you should take their advice and stop advertizing, ask for permision to continue toons next time as well. Its alsu rude to assume genders. They were telling you to stop they werent attacking you no reason to get angry you should take spirit's advice without cursing them. Enjoy the rest of your day. :)
imtherealhine 02/02/2019 17:28
SpiritWolfie, my animations are better then your animation so get fucked
imtherealhine 02/02/2019 17:27
SpiritWolfie ok bitch
SpiritWolfie 02/02/2019 17:20
stop advertising nobody gives a shit