05/06/2018 16:04
u actually thought memelord left?
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DarkenedLight 05/19/2018 07:35
zefuro, idk
zefuro 05/19/2018 04:03
DarkenedLight, what were you doing anyway?
DarkenedLight 05/18/2018 17:44
zefuro, hmmm good thing i wasn't online the past few days or I would have freaked
zefuro 05/08/2018 08:58
_br0ken, im not patching things up, i dont care about whats awkward or not. (you probobly know this by my hater comment stuff), but to be honest, if i left, i wouldn't have had the chance to say goodbye. plus a lot of people did this prank, so i tried as well :/
Offel 05/08/2018 08:06
_br0ken 05/07/2018 22:31
zefuro, i'm quite sure you're just patching yourself up. I know it's pretty awkward for you. I've gone through something like this before, just somewhere else
zefuro 05/07/2018 18:49
-AshFlame-, indeed
-AshFlame- 05/07/2018 18:28
-AshFlame-, you're*
-AshFlame- 05/07/2018 18:28
zefuro, I guess your right. But yeah this site has a huge gravitational pull,,
zefuro 05/07/2018 18:15