something simple for a lazy day

01/28/2019 12:56
lol how unpolished, right? I didn't have the heart to finish this properly but wanted to post it anyway, otherwise it would just sit in my drafts forever. A simple idea but one I just wanted to play with.
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Lazarinne 01/28/2019 13:40
SlenderLicky, oof. Sounds so f U N. Well, here's to hoping it sorts its life out soon.
SlenderLicky 01/28/2019 13:39
Lazarinne, im trying to load it up and its not loading :')
Lazarinne 01/28/2019 13:35
SlenderLicky, I look forward to it soon buddy! (hope it's all behaving correctly when you're editing)
SlenderLicky 01/28/2019 13:30
Lazarinne, ehh, ive just been working out some details on my new animations. im hoping i can post them soon.
Lazarinne 01/28/2019 13:27
SlenderLicky, ^-^ Thanks buddy, how's you? It's been real slow today for me T^T
SlenderLicky 01/28/2019 13:24
quality content as usual Laz ^w^