Red and Bounce "Skits" #1

12/18/2018 10:51
Hery guys! This took forever for me to make, and ill be sure to launch more Red and Bounce Episode as well as some skits along the line. Keep in mind this is my first time useing captions so, i apoligize if they go a little fast for some of you. As usuall i referenced my boi @swagtomato in there, i think theres a cynide and happiness reference in there too, idk just gada look in there. Anyway guys, thanks for your support and ill be sure to come out with more stuff! See ya and Enjoy!
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KillerCowPatty 03/17/2019 16:57
This is relevant again today
Emerrrrrrrrryyyy 03/17/2019 12:05
Wow, Thats a goner.
izzyrocks 03/06/2019 16:42
SlenderLicky, o w o ill voice ;w;

but srsly ill voice free if u do do that or smt ;w;
SlenderLicky 02/10/2019 10:27
BendyandShaymin 02/10/2019 08:58
I made a voice vid of this toon on yt, wanna see?
SlenderLicky 02/04/2019 20:09
kipplz, yeah its a good idea, i just need to use a better program
kipplz 02/04/2019 19:21
Dude you should take your animations to YouTube and just add voice acting, a lot of people would like this stuff.
SlenderLicky 02/04/2019 15:44
BendyandShaymin, sure! id love to ckeck it out
BendyandShaymin 02/04/2019 15:04
SlenderLicky, woops it's just he animates the same color stickmen avatar you do, is it okay if I give u a link to it on pm?
SlenderLicky 01/31/2019 20:34
BendyandShaymin, this is my own. i dont even know what youre talking aout lol