Hes a good boi

01/09/2019 18:18
this is Glacire, hes a good boy. a very good boy. Takashi would beg to differ but he is a good boy. (no this oc does not have anything to do with Aorta i made this oc before i even knew them,, and kashi can help prove this is a totally diffrent species coz they saw the drawings and refs inrl too so plez no hate
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canadian-leaf205 01/15/2019 18:06
Aorta, thank--
Aorta 01/13/2019 09:58
I like it <3
SpiritWolfie 01/10/2019 17:36
canadian-leaf205 01/10/2019 17:23
SpiritWolfie, G-lace- ire
canadian-leaf205 01/10/2019 17:23
zefuro, a very good boi that will exterminate your pesky rats that eat your wires
canadian-leaf205 01/10/2019 17:22
Serulii, a very good
canadian-leaf205 01/10/2019 17:22
MagicRaven, aww thanks
Deadsushicat123 01/10/2019 14:55
SpiritWolfie 01/10/2019 11:12

((Quic kquestion how is glacire pronounced-)
zefuro 01/10/2019 10:43
This is a very gud boi