Shirif Michegan went to grendmoter for opining dey

01/13/2021 14:23
hie went to his grendmoter in Amereka for Opining Dey to giv her four hunderd thousend dolars and forgot ebout his main enemies !!! my neme is Sireza Iskatil !!! al my instructeve cartuns on another acaunt !!! it is called exp69 !!! do not wory they are al in rusean langwich !!!
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Klona 09/25/2021 15:13
russian fucking vodka pop
Klona 09/25/2021 15:13
why is the audio always fucking earrape too like, it's an animation site do a fucking lip sync or something, just not this god awful shit
Klona 09/20/2021 03:39
how many strokes have you had to type like that?
_Pomposha_ 03/04/2021 10:24
mastir 03/04/2021 08:56
nice ^.^
DogoDrawer 02/02/2021 13:40
he is drunk he is so drunk its true
bububooo 02/01/2021 10:09
tradorio 01/29/2021 12:55
dang i tink he is drunk
Vikola 01/18/2021 08:14
биг рашен босс на английском запукал?
exp96 01/16/2021 12:59