---The wise

04/15/2018 06:06
The only one out of the 3 who makes any sense. Yet you still barely ever listen to me. One day I hope you will wake up and look at yourself and realise that nothing fucking lasts forever and in the end no one is going to remember you. so you should just try be as happy as you can be.
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GriffinTanner 04/17/2018 21:09
SlenderLicky is right x 10
XZplays 04/17/2018 00:49
canadian-leaf205 04/16/2018 21:38
takashisenpai18, I learned from the best *little brother hugg*
takashisenpai18 04/16/2018 21:37
oh my... language.... well....nvm
canadian-leaf205 04/16/2018 21:33
takashisenpai18, YOUR BACK U SHIT HOLE :D
takashisenpai18 04/16/2018 21:33
_br0ken, true it's terrifying enough to die anyway..
_br0ken 04/16/2018 11:00
takashisenpai18, i like to think that there is nothing after death.
takashisenpai18 04/16/2018 10:42
IHaveNoFace, Wylieguy, -Kirito_Kun-, dont be babies you all know its true here's a thing dieing is easy, living is harder! and for one to be remembered has to be remembered by family and past down from that family and or friends. we dont know what will happen but here are two things you can choose Heaven or hell... as in having an internal life with God and be happy or have an internal life but burning in the lake of fire in hell. I'm sorry I dont know where that came from but if you get forgotten so what? as long as you choose the right path you'll be safe. I know some people dont believe in God... but if you were to choose who will you choose?
IHaveNoFace 04/15/2018 12:29
To lose the one you care about, is sad. To forget the one you care about, or be forgotten by the ones that cares about you, is also sad. But which comes first, to lose, or be forgotten? Well, that all depends. To live a long life, means that you see everyone else go, and by dying early, fewer will remember you. I wonder how many there are that will remember me once I'm gone, or if there will be anything to remember me by. Sure, friends and family will remember, but once they are gone, there will only exist a stone where a sad man was buried.
Wylieguy 04/15/2018 11:20
I, somewhat, disagree. I remember plenty of those who are dead, some of which go back thousands of years.