Run Wild

05/24/2018 15:11
AHHHHH i really worked hard on this. i thought it was about time i started making longer and better looking animations to advance any of my skills. i was going to do the full song buuuuutttt..... ANYWAY I DID IT!!! just took like 2 and a half weeks XD im really proud of this! so much workkk omgg thank you so much for the support you guys! p.s sorry if the music is off a bit.. or a lot XD heres the song:


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-RoadKill 08/21/2018 18:43
this has more frames than my lifespan
kaitoraccoon 08/15/2018 22:37
no problem! I seen a lot of run wild on youtube but this is the best one you put a lot of effort into thIs!
kaitoraccoon 08/15/2018 15:03
but this da best run wild animation I've seen
kaitoraccoon 08/15/2018 15:03
I love this song its my 3rd favorite song my first is windfall thefatrat
FennixFox001 08/14/2018 21:45
This is pure amazing
budgerigar921 08/13/2018 00:51
budgerigar921 08/13/2018 00:51
disaster post these on yt u would get so many likes and subscribes
RainbowGurl 08/08/2018 15:43
How did you add the song to the animation?? ITS SO GOOD!!
SnowyClawy 07/27/2018 03:17
Is this a dream? Nope.... Is this a hack? Nope... Is this pretty? DAMN YES!