Figured I'd Share this :D

09/16/2021 08:38
This is my yt :D
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YurFam 10/11/2021 07:14
EgirlDestinyyy, oh wow. I'm the oldest of my household and I have online school, which is why i have a pc in the first place, the school provided pc was the slowest thing in existence, so i save nearly 600$ to get myself one.
EgirlDestinyyy 10/06/2021 04:55
oh i have to share the switch with my siblings it sucks
YurFam 10/01/2021 07:24
EgirlDestinyyy, I actually play on swicth. it's just no often, since I only have a swicth lite.
EgirlDestinyyy 10/01/2021 02:16
lucky u have a pc i play on switch
EgirlDestinyyy 10/01/2021 02:15
YurFam 09/17/2021 09:04
Damiyuta, lmaooo >-< srry about that. I had no idea what to do for an outro.
YurFam 09/17/2021 09:04
roquangardner, aw. thanks!
roquangardner 09/16/2021 15:27
Damiyuta 09/16/2021 13:22
YurFam, pretty cool your channel i'll start following your channel , i just almost went deaf with "amongus" at the end
-another_idiot- 09/16/2021 12:20
tu1ptulp, are you a tulp alt or a random person