shitpost ig?

01/10/2021 20:30
idk it took a while lol
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-__-__-__-__-__- 01/12/2021 12:21
RowanDarling470, LOL kids are fucking stupid
crabappels 01/12/2021 08:01
ok bye have a nice dayyyyyyyy
Foxepic 01/12/2021 06:36
Foxepic, oh, someone already wrote about this. Okay.
Foxepic 01/12/2021 06:36
Non-official editor is released. Download file from descriptions of this toon:

(Not scam. Editor is a bit difficult. Editor maded by russian user and manual on russian language)
Or change date on your computer and after this will be avaible old editor (and other flash-content, for example flash games).
try to put any date, but do not put the date on January 12, 2021 (date of flash's death).
Sorry for my engrish, I hope that information will help you.
RowanDarling470 01/12/2021 06:31
crabappels, d i d y o u s e r i o u s l y t e l l u s n o t t o s w e a r a n d t h e n s w e a r y o u r s e l f ?

ok, kid, look. your argument is that we cant swear bc theres like a small amount of kids on here, but in my defense there are WAY more teens and adults on here, and we can do as we please. you're like 9, and there are tons of 9 year olds out there, and some on here, that swear with no care in the world. so, now i have proven you wrong and you can now stop and shut up

now, have a nice day/afternoon/night kid :)
q-qijy 01/12/2021 06:26
i hope they make the new editor soon
milkq 01/12/2021 03:30
Manmax10, yes it has lol
on's page there's a toon where you can see the link, also you can link ur account to discord server in the settings tab ww
Manmax10 01/12/2021 02:30
I heard that toonator has discord server.
REDTiGER 01/11/2021 23:57
pumpupthejaaaaam, probably it joinable trough direct connection by typing ip of site. Not like I know what its ip, lol.
lexsey 01/11/2021 22:37
it's not end yet, there is a working offline editor (manual still untranslated, but you can open it in new tab and translate in chrome) and it can work well, but you should care with draft mark, if you want to save it immedialty, you can uncheck the mark