shitpost ig?

01/10/2021 20:30
idk it took a while lol
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DETHORN 01/12/2021 17:59
crabappels, i dont think your getting the point yes while this isnt an adult and site it isnt a kid site either so were not binded by any rules of not swearing or what ever? do you not understand
crabappels 01/12/2021 17:51
so im like Eh?
crabappels 01/12/2021 17:50
i can litarliy log out of my acount and be someone else on a difrent computer
crabappels 01/12/2021 17:50
DETHORN 01/12/2021 17:36
crabappels, school email is an email for school websites by using it here your bypassing the age requirement in the end you cant control people and people will say what they want
crabappels 01/12/2021 17:32
i used my school email
DETHORN 01/12/2021 17:28
crabappels, kids arent stupid but im gonna be 100% with you theres gonna be tons of swearing all over then internet unless you want to limit your self to children only websites (no youtube no social media no tik tok etc) your going to have to deal with it. While this site isnt exclusively for teenagers and adults you do need to have an email to sign up for which you need to be 13 for meaning anyone can do what they want
crabappels 01/12/2021 17:13
Zatch,thx im a kid and that means a lot
Zatch 01/12/2021 15:55
-__-__-__-__-__-, no they aren't. how would they even know that this isn't a kid's site? i feel bad for them.
crabappels 01/12/2021 13:29
och that hurt