in the most simplest things

06/13/2019 21:58
will you find beauty
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doooderoo 06/15/2019 21:54
awendt_, I didn't medal all of your toons but if you want me too I will
pudii 06/15/2019 16:26
awendt_ 06/15/2019 11:02
doooderoo, thank youuu
awendt_ 06/15/2019 11:02
did you juss put medals on all my toons?!
nON, don't waste your spiders on me
toonimator_101 06/15/2019 05:06
Yes because this is simple and it's beautiful :D
iloveanimating21 06/15/2019 03:04
doooderoo 06/14/2019 11:50
Ayo, there's poison in that gumbo
Emotion for Dumbo
Ask me where my luck go
That bitch walked outside the front door
Knock, knock, knock, knock
I'm not shocked, I brought this on me
It's my fault, you gon' leave
Lesser talk, see the
Weatherman told me it wasn't raining
My stupid ass brought an umbrellas
I got a glimpse of your cloud and feel better
Now it's ninety degrees, and all the tricks up my sleeve
Is drenched in sweat and illusion because I jet to conclusion
You got your thing, I got nothing, but memories
I know your secrets, nigga
I'm not bitter or nothing, I understand that
Everybody making a choice according to plan and
We had two different blueprints, but understood her fluent
She opened up early on, I thought I had a permit
You started building a bridge and turned it into a fence
Then my building got tore down all because of your new tenant
I'll just buy up some new shit, never down with a lease
You never lived in your truth, I'm just happy I lived in it
But I finally found peace, so peace
Dogfish 06/14/2019 10:30
SlenderLicky 06/14/2019 09:24
so wise