Even if we agree

01/17/2016 12:11
Do we do anything about it?
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Sodapop 01/17/2016 20:23
This is so sad but true, beautiful animation though
sarius2358 01/17/2016 19:09
Dark-Ivory, i believe its a polar bear struggling to stay in solid ice and when i drop lands in the city pollution rises up melting the ice berg which is a statement saying what cities are doing

i think
Dark-Ivory 01/17/2016 17:56
I don't actually understand what is happening.... but DAMN, this animation is GOOD!!
dragonstorm 01/17/2016 13:43
this is a good animation doe
IAlwaysWaitMore 01/17/2016 13:15
niki_91, Thank you!
niki_91 01/17/2016 13:11
it looks cool tho ^^
dragonstorm 01/17/2016 12:14
IAlwaysWaitMore, oh,
i thought it was a flying stick man-
IAlwaysWaitMore 01/17/2016 12:12
There's always something I forget to draw -_-
This time it was the bird