12/27/2018 07:47
i spent longer on this than i'd have liked but it still looks rushed :/
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rayann 01/11/2019 19:54
SlenderLicky, ;v; thank you man i hope it clears up
SlenderLicky 01/11/2019 12:46
rayann, i honestly think youre a awsome animator tho lol. If anyone has an art block its me XD
SlenderLicky 01/11/2019 12:46
AnnikatheLlama 01/05/2019 04:45
extra large mood
rayann 12/28/2018 09:45
i just realised this has basically the same tempo as after the love is gone by earth wind and fire jgdhjdhfjh
rayann 12/28/2018 09:29
BendyandShaymin, it's like a temporary inability to come up with any new ideas
BendyandShaymin 12/28/2018 09:21
What is an art block
rayann 12/27/2018 21:06
SlenderLicky, yeah, it's just i'd already drawn the frames and it looked weird but i spent so long drawing them that i just couldnt be bothered ;-; thanks tho
WolfHats, SpiritWolfie, illuminatie, B1uMoonGirl, oof same
SlenderLicky 12/27/2018 16:55
XD noice. That piano needs less frames tho.
WolfHats 12/27/2018 16:42
me 24/7 all i draw well on paper is jaiden animations i can draw exactly like her no effort