*wheezes out a heart*

07/21/2018 21:42
i felt i had to check toon since i havent been on it for a little while, and i was struck with the minimal stroke of creativity to create this piece of traaaaaaash.
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Fluffowuffo 07/21/2018 22:30
LizWiz, uwu
LizWiz 07/21/2018 22:26
Fluffowuffo, well you got me there 'D'
Fluffowuffo 07/21/2018 22:14
LizWiz, If there was no effort

The toon would be completely blank :v
LizWiz 07/21/2018 21:58
_Disaster_, take it, this boi has plenty to share
LizWiz 07/21/2018 21:58
LizWiz, **have put in no effort** oof typos suck
LizWiz 07/21/2018 21:57
Fluffowuffo, this deserves to be in the recycling bin i took 5 minutes on it. It's trash because i know i have put in to effort
_Disaster_ 07/21/2018 21:46
*takes that heart and runs*
Sweet_Pudding 07/21/2018 21:46
*w h ee z e*
Fluffowuffo 07/21/2018 21:45
This isn't traaaash!!

And hello ^w^